Photoshop FTJ Overview

This talk examines the main manipulations required to take an image from capture to completion using Photoshop.  It does not include any "tricks" as most straight shots do not require fancy effects,   Neither do I cover compositing (i.e. the combination of two or more separate photos using Layers) as this does not normally feature in my photography and I have limited experience of the techniques involved.

The lecture features live demonstrations based on the use of Photoshop Elements.  While the full version of Photoshop is more comprehensive, Photoshop Elements has sufficient functionality to process the majority of images.  It also has the benefit of being relatively inexpensive and, unlike Photoshop CC which is only available via subscription, is sold with a perpetual licence for a one-off payment.

The talk is primarily intended for those who are starting out in photography and wish to know more about post capture processing.  It is likely that more experienced practitioners will already be proficient in using the methods which are described.

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