Lightroom Overview title slide

Lightroom Overview

Digital photography has brought new challenges and opportunities for the creation and management of images.  A number of applications have been developed to help the photographer, of which Adobe's Lightroom is one of the most widely used.  It has a comprehensive range of functions which can seem intimidating to new users and this lecture is designed as a short introduction to what this wide ranging programme has to offer.  The talk is in two parts, with an overview of Lightroom's features in the first half, followed by a live demonstration in the second.

Note that this talk is based on Lightroom Classic CC, which is the standalone version of the application.  (Adobe also offers the similarly named web based Lightroom CC which is outside the scope of this lecture.)

This talk can be booked in conjunction with "An Evening In The Raw" which looks at processing of Raw files in Lightroom, either as a joint session or on separate occasions.  Some clubs have requested this talk followed by "An Evening in the Raw" a few weeks later to get a more comprehensive understanding of what Lightroom has to offer.

If you wish to make a booking or have an enquiry, please provide the details requested on my Contact page to get in touch.