Evening in the Raw title slide

JPEGs have their place, but in digital photography the Raw file has replaced the film negative for those photographers seeking to obtain the optimum quality in their images.  Originally introduced to Photoshop 7 as an optional paid for addition with a limited number of adjustments, Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) has evolved into a powerful image editor in its own right; to the extent that images can often be processed to completion without the need for Photoshop.

The presentation is in two parts, with an overview of the role of Raw files in the first section, followed by a live demonstration using Lightroom Classic CC in the second.  Lightroom shares its Raw file processing engine with Photoshop CC and the techniques shown apply to both.  While other Raw editors have different interfaces and functions, the underlying principles are similar and users of those applications can benefit from seeing the approach taken in Lightroom.

This talk can be booked in conjunction with "Lightroom Overview", either as a joint session or on separate occasions.  Some clubs have requested this talk a few weeks after "Lightroom Overview" to get a more comprehensive understanding of what Lightroom has to offer.

If you wish to make a booking or have an enquiry, please provide the details requested on my Contact page to get in touch.