On Photography overview slide

On Photography Summary

Photography is an unusual pursuit.  Unlike most other creative arts and crafts, with today's technology it requires no special skill to take a photograph.  The billions of pictures uploaded every day to social media and image sharing websites are testament to that.  What those same sites do also demonstrate is that there is more to creating a successful image than simply pressing the shutter release.  It is not enough to rely on automation and let the camera decide how best to take the shot.

In this talk I examine the broad range of motivations to take photographs and the challenges faced by those who wish to produce more than just run of the mill images.  It commences with some examples of my work, which cover a variety of genres, before briefly examining the role of camera equipment.  That leads on to a consideration of the reasons why people take photographs.

The following section is a discussion on ways to develop photographic skills in order to enhance creativity and obtain overall improvement.  Inevitably it will not always be a smooth path to attain those goals and there are suggestions as to how to tackle some of the obstacles, such as fallow periods, which might arise.  The lecture concludes with examples again taken from my own photography of how others perceive the resulting images.

The talk is subtitled “A Personal View” and while it examines the topic from my own perspective, it is structured in such a way that the audience is encouraged to participate throughout.  The intention is to inspire people to contribute their ideas and gain a better understanding of their own approach to photography.

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