Lightroom Overview title slide

Digital photography has brought new challenges and opportunities for the creation and management of images.  A number of applications have been developed to help the photographer, of which Adobe's Lightroom is the most widely used.  It has a comprehensive range of functions which can seem intimidating to new users and this lecture is designed as a short introduction to what this wide ranging programme has to offer.  The talk is in two parts, with an overview of Lightroom's features in the first half, followed by a live demonstration in the second.

This talk can be booked in conjunction with "An Evening In The Raw" which looks at processing of Raw files in Lightroom, either as a joint session or on separate occasions.  Some clubs have requested this talk followed by "An Evening in the Raw" a few weeks later to get a more comprehensive understanding of what Lightroom has to offer.

If you wish to make a booking, please use the details on my Contact page to get in touch.